Live-blogging my train ride

Two of my favorite activities are people-watching and blogging.  So I thought to myself, what if I combined the two?  Train rides can be pretty entertaining, and what better place to people-watch than in a narrow, confined space with people rushing to/ from places they don't want to go?

So the following are a few of my thoughts I live-posted to my Facebook status (and some that I didn't).  (Why not use Twitter?  I may have gotten logged off from my phone and forgotten my password.)  Before anyone complains about this not being a "true" live-blog, keep in mind that I'm from California.  All the cool stuff happens here, but it's always "LIVE! (previously recorded)" by the time it gets to the TV, so I have no sympathy.  But without further ado:

5:11 Apparently there's a metrolink student rate. Why am I just finding about this now? But God bless the lady at the ticketing window- made her day by telling her she made mine.

5:26  Someone just sprayed fragrance on the train. It's like some foul, feminine-smelling version of axe. My eyes are burning.

5:33 Older Asian women always make a beeline to sit next to me when there are plenty of open rows.

5:41 If you've ever wondered what can overpower the smell of axe, the answer is: corn nuts.

6:00 Oops,I just locked eyes with another people-watcher.  What to do?

6:12 Man has giant band-aid stuck to his shoe. He shuffled by before I could tell him anything.

Thankfully, my commute is only about an hour long, but even that one hour is usually fairly eventful.  If you would like to hear more of my thoughts "live" as they come to me, here's where I post them.  (And I'll try to remember my password for next time!)

Do you people watch?  What are some of your favorite public transit stories?