Photographer: hedonist of stock.xchng
Text: Based off what Ps. Brian mentioned in our equipping class


Photographer: hoyasmeg of Flickr under a CC2.5 license. Use of this photo does not entail the photographer's endorsement of its content.

Struggle Pt 2

On Strugle Pt 1

On Entertainment (Repost)

It looks like there were some problems with the original posting, both on the blog itself and the RSS. There should be three panels of 586 x 504 pixels. Sorry for the mis-post.


Do you find this true for yourself as well?

Photographer: I normally don't credit the photographer unless he/ she explicitly asks for it, but this absolutely stunning photo by Zhongde Liu warrants an exception.

TSN Contest Results!

And here's Alex's winning entry:

Thanks to all who participated in the first TSN contest! I know I said this last time, but thanks for your support throughout this blogging experiment; I hope you guys have as much fun reading as I do writing :)

On Responsibility

A comment on the TSN Contest:
Thanks to everyone who has participated so far in the TSN Caption Contest! I realized there are a few things I should mention:
1) The contest ends Monday. That means that if you haven't submitted a comment yet, (and even if you have) you can still enter! So go do it!
2) The prize will be a TSN-stye comic in your honor. I wished I could give out a signed print of your choice or something like that, but let's face it, I'm an unemployed college student ;)