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Text: Paul Tripp, HT On Earth as it is in Heaven

11/26/2009 8:28

Photographer: Lee Brimelow of Flickr. Use of the original photo does not suggest the photographer's endorsement of this new work.

Note: Enjoy the early post this week, and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Early Warning Signs

Do not judge lest ye go before the fall

This seems harder than it's worth.

Again, I say...

Photographer: Erica Burrell of stock.xchng



Photographer: © Roslen Mack / Photoxpress

Random note: Surprisingly, this is the only (free) picture of a vitamin box I could find on the net, but it's kind of icky looking. Mine's a lot nicer (and clearner). I'd take my own picture, but I can't find the proper cables to upload the pics to my computer.


Note: I just noticed that the second panel of last week's Always Be Prepared post wasn't loading properly. Problem solved.