Knowing what you want v. Being too picky

Edit: I actually DID have this ready by midnight!   I'm so mad that it didn't auto-post haha.  Well, enjoy!

I love nail polish.  (Stick with me here.  I'm going somewhere with this.)  I admit, makeup and coffee are my two money-spending vices, but I try to curb my spending by finding good sales.  Today, I saw that Urban Decay had a sale on one of its nail polish sets- just $10!  That's a fantastic deal!  The drawback?  $7 shipping.  Granted, the sum of $17 would still have been significantly cheaper than the original price for the set, but I wanted an even better deal.  Immediately, I used my mad Google skills to find Urban Decay coupon codes and found - to my dismay- that they had a 25% code two days ago!  But that didn't stop me.  I tried every expired code I could find.  In fact, I looked at the five top hits for "Urban Decay coupon code" until I realized that half the codes were from April, and the results started to repeat themselves.  By the time that I decided that I exhausted all my options, I was able to buy the on-sale nail polish without feeling like I was settling.

Apparently buying nail polish is like picking a spouse, or so the debate goes.  In the past couple weeks, I read 3 blog posts from major authors on the topic.  Some say that it's of utmost importance to know what you want, and don't stop until you get him/ her.  Others say that this sort of "pickyness" will leave you single until the metaphorical pond of fish is depleted, and you'll miss someone good who is right in front of you.  The cumulative sum of advice is essentially: have standards! but not too high!

The same is true for church-shopping, really.  There's a remarkable amount of similarities between looking for a spouse and looking for a church (and buying nail polish).  Find a church with community and strong teaching!  But don't shop around too much or else you'll never get established!  The difference, of course, is we are commanded to be a part of a church body, but we are not required to find a spouse.  And as much as I might think I need nail polish, I really don't need that, either.

How good are you at knowing what you want?  Are you too picky in your preferences?  What would you consider a happy medium between the two?