My Christian Resume


Though I've been trying to post more regularly, I'm having issues getting the post out on time.  Today's excuse: I was cranking out cover letters to send to potential employers.  Looking for a job is an interesting process.  You take all your qualities and write them down on paper.  You convince someone, not only that you're the best person for the job, but that they're the best for you.

The Christian version

Weirdly enough, I find myself doing the same thing when shopping for churches.  At some point, someone asks you about your church history, and I find myself going down my Christian resume:
- said "the prayer" as a kid
- led a few Christian student organizations
- was a small group leader/ deaconness at my former church

Pride and Prejudice

At first, it sounds like I'm listing all my Christian credentials.  People are generally impressed, considering the fact that church involvement in my age range is sparse, to say the least.  The problem, though, is none of this was for a pat on the back.  I'm not trying to get a job or win brownie points with this person.  This was and always will be for God- and not by my power- but by His grace and strength alone.

This works the same for those with a less-extensive Christian "resume."  I have friends who are newer believers that feel awkward in the church because they feel like people expect them to be someone that they're not.  They feel judged (real, or perceived) because they haven't had the same experiences as others.

But here's the catch: there's no pride in having an extensive Christian "resume," and no shame in not having one, either.  Grace.  Faith.  Obedience.  That's it. 

Paul says as much in Philippians 3.  If anyone had a resume, it was Paul.  But what does he say about it?
Indeed, I count everything as loss because of(S) the surpassing worth of(T) knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.
 And what about those who don't have Paul's background?
But one thing I do:(AD) forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, 14I press on toward the goal for(AE) the prize of the upward(AF) call of God in Christ Jesus.


So let's extend grace to one another and embrace God's grace for ourselves.  It's not about what we do or our personal histories.  It's about Christ and grace and the cross- what he has done in our lives (every conversion is a miracle) and what he continues to do in our lives.  It's not about our resumes and convincing others that we're good enough.  It's about Christ reaching down, coming to our level, and declaring us good enough.