Psalm 13

In biology, there is a technique called polymerase chain reaction (PMR) where a small piece of DNA is amplified to generate thousands, or even millions, of copies.  During this process, the original DNA's characteristics are exponentially magnified, so there is enough DNA to actually test it for a certain trait. 

Sometimes when I feel angry or frustrated or depressed, I will complain to myself.  But in the process of complaining to myself, what is a relatively small incident becomes replicated in my mind million-fold.  Like DNA in PMR, my own sins of pride or self-entitlement become magnified with each reiteration.  I become more and more self-righteous...and I become more and more discouraged.

David had plenty of reasons to be discouraged.  But instead of complaining to himself (or complaining to others), he talks to God.  Instead of being anxious, he brings his requests before God in thanksgiving.  David knows who God is, who he is, and that he has the right and the privilege to humbly ask God for an answer.

And instead of multiplying his misery, he finds peace.

So before you complain to yourself, ask yourself the following questions:
Who is God to you?  Who are you to God?  What is it that you seek?