Guest Post: To Fight the Good Fight

I'm writing a brief for a competition coming up, so I asked a couple of friends to help me out with guest posting. And let me tell you- I'm super stoked about the rest of the week.

Today's guest poster is the fabulous Ashley C. I had the privilege of having her in my community group for a number of years, and she's a real "Barnabas," if I've ever met one. Honestly, when I was reading "Practicing Affirmation," Ashley's always-smiling face immediately came to mind.  She's that good.

A martial artist as well as a Christian, Ashley is starting a blog, "To Fight the Good Fight," about where these two fields intersect.  Below is an excerpt from her appropriately-titled post, "The Gospel."

God is. God has always been. God will always be. He exists outside of time and outside of all Creation because he is the Creator.  Nothing that exists was made outside of him. He is all powerful, fully capable of doing anything and everything, with raw power the force of which we can only imagine. He is bigger than anything we can imagine, holding the universe in the palm of his hand. He knows all things simultaneously, from the smallest particles of energy to the massive galaxies we can only glimpse. God is the single most powerful entity that there is. He is the source of truth, as he created all existence. Only he knows the full extent of his creation and the reason for everything within.  He is also absolutely righteous, the single source of everything that is good, pure, right and lovely. God is the source of true hope and peace. He is the standard by which all things must measure against because he is the Creator and God. He exists in heaven; heaven is the place where God the father is. In heaven he exists in his rightful glory, on a throne that shines blindingly bright and with angels surrounding him continually crying out how holy he is. God, and God alone, is entirely worthy of all glory and praise.

Read the rest on her blog, and be sure to subscribe!