Summing Up the Week

First, I would like to clarify two things:

1) As a blogger, a little snark can be warranted and funny. As a woman, however, sometimes snark comes at the expense of cultivating a gentle and quiet spirit (and a general sense of humility, which is applicable to both men and women). I would like to apologize for my heart attitude. While I steadfastly remain under the authority of the Bible and of the local church (though I am still looking for one at the moment), when I see departures from Biblically-mandated gender roles, it is very easy for me to become defensive, particularly when those departures are then, in turn, imposed on me personally.

Unfortunately, during those times, I am no longer fighting for the Bible, but I am fighting for myself in guise of the Bible. Some of my commentary fell in this vein. This is not acceptable behavior for any Christian, and I apologize for subjecting you, the reader, to my sin.

2) For any new readers, please know that I do not always talk about gender issues. In fact, I believe that this week marks the first time I touched on the topic. It just sort of happened to turn out that way as a result of some people I met. I know that saying "never" is practically an open invitation to God to mess up your plans, but tentatively I think I can safely say that this will never be a gender blog or a womens' blog. Tentatively. It is my view that biblical manhood and biblical womanhood share far more in common than they differ. (See Wednesday's post.) It is the similarities that I plan to dwell on.

That being said:

1) How do you feel about gender roles? How much is a social construct? How much is biological? Biblical? (Please keep in mind that comments should be civil, direct attacks are disallowed, and trolls will be axed at my discretion.)
2) What issue(s) do you get riled up about? When it pops up, how do you respond? Is your response (biblically) justified?

In other news:

I have succumbed to the Twitterverse. You may follow me on Jo_of_TSN, and I also provided a button in the sidebar for easy click-age. Also, if a particular post makes an impression on you (for better or worse) and you would like to share the content with others, I added a nifty gadget at the end of each post to help you do so.