The Kingdom of Sin: A Parable

Dear Self,

I hate to break it to you, but you didn't "fall into" sin.  Yes, the devil is like a prowling lion waiting to devour, but he's not Wile E. Coyote.  He doesn't carry black sin-holes with him and drop them in front of your path, where you have no choice but to fall in.

No, the kingdom of sin is like this: Person walks through a swamp and happens upon a treasure.  Person realizes that the treasure is a delight to the eyes and is greatly desirable.  Quickly, Person hides the treasure so that no one else may know of it.  Indeed, it would be a great disaster if anyone found out.  Person obscures it so deep in the bowels of the earth such that none - save God Himself and maybe not even then - may find it.

In joy, Person gathers up jewelery and fine clothing, royal gifts from the king, relationships, dignity, and anything else of value.  Person liquidates everything s/he is and everything s/he owns, and after doing so, goes to see the owner of the field.  The owner balks, but after much negotiating, Person obtains a deed: "I hereby convey Blackacre and everything on or in it to Person in fee simple absolute."

Person is now the fine owner of a swamp.

And the treasure?  A handful of Silly Bandz.

Self, own up to your mistakes and repent.  Treasure Christ above all else.  And stay away from swamps.

Your better (but sometimes woefully silent) judgment