Happy New Year!

Posting late because I was at the Happiest/ Most Expensive Place on Earth (oh, this can be several blog posts on its own) instead of somberly thinking about my life and the passage of time and everything about myself I need to change but won't for one reason or another.

As a student, my major reflection time comes in August before I start a new year of school, but I like opportunities like January 1 to sit down and re-evaluate how I've been doing.  Jonathan Edwards' resolutions always provide a nice starting place, so this year, I decided to write out a few questions for myself partially based on them:

  1. Do I seek opportunities to glorify God in my life?
  2. Do I seek opportunities to serve others?
  3. Do I seek those opportunities in the same way that I seek my own profit and pleasure?  (Do I realize that, ultimately, they are the same thing?)
  4. Do I follow-through on those opportunities without regard to the cost of time, resources, or my personal comfort?
  5. What would it look like if I did?
  6. After becoming aware of my sin (either by commission or omission), do I automatically repent, or do I "sit on it" and wait awhile first?
  7. Do I make the most of my time?
  8. Do I cherish life and make the most of it, or do I let time pass me by?
  9. When things don't go my way, how do I respond?
  10. How do I respond to difficult people or situations?
  11. Do I have the desire to learn more about God and become closer to Him?
  12. Do I live in such a way that I will not regret what I have or have not done?
  13. Do I live Gospel-centered and pilgrim-minded?
  14. Is my Christian walk deliberate and active?
  15. In what ways can I become more deliberate and active in my relationships with Christ and others?
  16. How do I view Christ?  My own sin?  Does the way I act or feel align with what I know to be true?
  17. Do I praise, pray, and confess boldly?
  18. Am I faithful to God, the doctrine I profess, and my brothers and sisters?
  19. Do I act as my own person, or as one who has been bought at a price?
  20. And when I realize that I utterly failed last year, will I mourn my sin and be blessed by the comfort of God's grace for past sins and grace for future strength?