My Favorite Christmas Poem

I hope you will be patient with me these next couple weeks, as I will be studying/ taking my finals.  (Expect another coffee-related post soon!)

Today, I will leave you with my favorite Christmas poem "On the Morning of Christ's Nativity" by Milton.  I have to expect that your schedules are as busy (or worse) as mine, so I'll just post the first two stanzas for you to meditate on.  Here, Milton focuses on the sacrifice of the incarnation: the glory, majesty, and power that Christ gave up to become human "that our deadly forfeit should release" and bring us peace with the Father.


THis is the Month, and this the happy morn
Wherein the Son of Heav'ns eternal King,
Of wedded Maid, and Virgin Mother born,
Our great redemption from above did bring;
For so the holy sages once did sing,
That he our deadly forfeit should release,
And with his Father work us a perpetual peace.


That glorious Form, that Light unsufferable,
And that far-beaming blaze of Majesty,
Wherwith he wont at Heav'ns high Councel-Table,
To sit the midst of Trinal Unity,
He laid aside; and here with us to be,
Forsook the Courts of everlasting Day,
And chose with us a darksom House of mortal Clay.