Not Crazy. Just a Little Unwell.

Photographer: D Sharon Pruitt, Pink Sherbet Photography of  flickr under CC2.0.

Note: Sorry for not posting on Friday or Saturday.  I have had a post on the Incarnation stewing in my mind for awhile, but my final was on Friday.  Up until Friday, the worst test in my academic career (including college exams, all of undergrad AND the LSAT) was my makeup AP Computers exam (it was originally scheduled the same time as AP Spanish, thus the makeup) in a dimly-lit, highly air-conditioned and cramped storage closet adjacent to a rowdy classroom watching a movie.  True story.  After last Friday, though, I'm not sure which one was worse.  I could have still typed out my post, but I really want to take the time and sit down to do it justice.

In the absence of my post on the Incarnation, I was considering not posting at all, but then I remembered that I'm not the only one with a life.  Some of you, like me, are dealing with academics, some with work, some with family situations, some with sickness, and it's highly probable that some of you are dealing with some combination of these things all at once, not to mention bearing the burdens of someone else dealing with their own issues.  Christmas is a stressful time for everyone.

Consider this post a prayer for my readers: Don't get distracted.  Focus.  And may you experience and understand the height, depth, breadth, and width of the peace and goodwill with the Father that the Son established through becoming a man, our priest, and our sacrifice.