Memory and Movement

After graduation, my schedule has been/ will be a bit sporadic, so I am not sure what my blog posting this summer will be.  I’ve thought a lot about the process of moving on.  I realized I spent the majority of my life trying to simply move through time, not writing journals or taking pictures, not leaving a record of my past or my present; I didn’t have anything I wanted to keep or remember.

But the Church has filled the voids in my life, providing friends and family, comfort, joy, and hope.  Shoreline has been such a blessing to me, and I feel that I have really “found myself” here.  It’s here where my identity as a child of God has been encouraged and reaffirmed, and it is here where I’ve found identity as part of a family of like-minded Christians who love God and serve others.  I think every relationship has the opportunity to define both parties, and at least on my side of things, that has certainly been the case.  I’ve found something here, some people here worth keeping with me and remembering.

But with so much I want to hold on to, I have to remind myself of my motto (which I sort of stole from Matt Chandler) to “live life with an open hand.”  There are so many things to hold onto in this life, even good things like friends and fellowship, but when God calls us to other places and other things, there comes a time when we need to let go.  I will cherish my time at Shoreline and the relationships that were forged there, but I’m also willing (if not ready) for what else God has in store.