Random thoughts

  • My laptop power cord frayed, and my battery ran out so I don't have my usual photo software to work with.  Since using paint ends up with something looking sad and depressing, I think I'll spare all of us and not try to force it.
  • I'm done with my undergraduate career!  Well first I need to walk to my professor's office to turn my paper in.  I don't know how I feel about graduating yet.  Ask me again in a week.
  • It actually took me about a month for my HS graduation to sink in.  I wonder how long it'll take this time.
  • More than anything, I'm actually really sad about moving and leaving my church.  Really, really sad.  I hope God brings me to another awesome church when I move because it'll kinda suck if I can't find one.
  • Actually, at the moment I'm the most sad about my laptop power cord.  I hope the replacement part we have at home will work.
  • Apparently everyone has been blogging about the Centurion today: Desiring God, The Resurgence
  • I recently read this blog post by Don Miller about bad habits.  I think the problem with media is that it immediately fulfills our "needs" with minimal to no effort on our part.  It's nice to relax, but there's something to be said about struggling through the day, with ourselves, or even through our boredom.  I think the true earth-shakers of society are doers, not sitting-in-front-of-screen-ers.  It's one of those things that is easy to think about but harder to decide how to implement.  Where's the balance?