Saturday Soup

Things I've learned or re-learned in the past 48 hours

  • It's easy to psych yourself out by being afraid of your emotions.  What I mean is that if you're afraid of feeling a certain way, and you dwell on that fear, you will feel that way.  Because life's kind of vicious like that.
  • When I don't want to do something, I either avoid it at all costs or rush headlong into it.  Sometimes in life, neither is a plausible option.
  • Friends make things easier to bear, even if you have to bear them alone.  (I totally wasn't trying to make a LOTR reference there, but I realize it completely came out that way.)
  • ^^ which reminds me: the other day I was talking about how my roommate's desk was really deep and how I liked it, also (completely honestly) exclaiming, "and it's wide!"  My other roommate looked at me like I was a dweeb and kicked me out of the room.
  • I hate planning, packing, and moving.  I hate when all three coincide.
  • I haven't even moved yet, and I feel like I'm missing out on things already.  (Because I am.)
  • I think everyone, or at least a lot of Christians want to have "more faith" but don't really want to be in situations where they'll need it.  Dear God, I think I have enough for now, thanks.
  • If the man was able to pray for more faith because he wanted it, I think if you have enough faith to believe that God will answer a prayer to want more faith, then He'll provide both the want and the faith.
  • At least I know where I'm moving to.  Abram didn't have that luxury.  I guess that's why he's the father of faith.