Two poems

I haven't been posting because I've been working on my poetry.  It's ironic that one of my #finishyear goals is getting in the way of another one.  The first poem has been ridiculously stubborn, but I'm happy with how the second one turned out.  Enjoy!  I'll be back to regular posting on Friday.


All things were made through Him.
Without Him, nothing that has been made
Would have been made,
And all that has been made
Is sustained by His Glory
His Weight
The Gravity that holds stars and planets and moons
in place
And choreographs the cosmic dance.

All in accordance
With the word of the Word
Who spoke "Let there be"
And there was.

But what is man?
Ashes and dust
A flower in the field
A breath
A passing shadow
And yet that breath came from the very lungs of God
And though a shadow in the Valley of Shadows,
I shall not want.

Winter Dusk in Orange County
Slow, but Deliberate,
the Distant Artist  tints
the once-azure expanse
ombre shades of red, orange, and yellow
Before disappearing in the West
Behind a parking structure,
Making way for the Winged Stallion,
Hunter, Lion, Bear, and
Southwest Airlines.