Setting Fires

After reading AWP's post last week, I took another look at Adele's song, "Set Fire to the Rain." Or ten. I think it's one of my favorite songs now!

"Set Fire to the Rain" has become a personal anthem of mine because it speaks to my experiences. People will disappoint us, and it will hurt. We may cry. But we may use that pain to motivate us. We can set fire to the rain.

However, raw motivation is a two-edged sword, something I saw demonstrated in Kung Fu Panda 2, when I watched this weekend. In the movie, both the protagonist and the villain experienced trauma in their pasts. Both use those experiences to motivate them. Both set fire to the rain.

Fire, however, has two natures. The villain harnesses the power of gunpowder to forge a (quite literal) path of fiery destruction. The protagonist, however, uses his newfound motivation to protect those he loves, like a warm campfire preserving life in the wilderness.

Pain is powerful, but even more powerful is the resolve that can come from it. Go ahead. Set fire to the rain, but first, ask yourself what kind of fire you want to start.