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I discovered that I don't like casino gambling.  Maybe this is something I should have figured out about myself beforehand, but I also have a "try everything once" mentality (within reason).  So when I got dragged to the casino with my extended family, I decided to gamble a bit to see what the hype was about.  Suffice to say, I did not see what the hype is about.  It's not a "moral turpitude" thing for me; I just didn't find it entertaining.

It's not that I lost money- I did not gamble more than I was willing to spend- but rather I hate risking resources on a pursuit with little purpose and little probability of gain (no matter large the potential).  Earlier I said that one of my mottos was "Take chances, make mistakes and get messy."  I still stand by that sentiment!  But certain chances are worth taking and others aren't.

I took a chance switching career paths because I found a cause I believed in.  I take chances in my relationships because vulnerability and trust go hand-in-hand.  I take chances with my faith because I know that whatever God has for me goes beyond my ability to see.  But gambling?  No thanks.  It doesn't jive with my personality.

Do you gamble (figuratively or literally)?  Under what circumstances?  What motivates you to take risks?