Of course right after my "I'm gong to get back to a regular posting schedule!" post, I sort of didn't post on time. But I have a good reason! For the past few days, I was traveling to celebrate my friend's bachelorette party and wedding! Scarily enough, I'm getting to that age where I'm starting to go to weddings where I actually know the person getting married, instead of the bride or groom being some relative of one of my parents' friends. This Saturday was the first of that kind of wedding, and my second one will be in August.

As I sit here (single) and sandwiched between two of my friends' weddings, I've taken to thinking about the grand scheme of life (as I'm apt to do). Weddings, particularly like the one I just attended, are exciting and beautiful. They represent joy and families, and coming together, and new beginnings. But there's a bit of a somber aspect, too. "Till death do we part" is an awfully indeterminate (and hopefully long) time. The thought of yoking myself to another sinner for that long is cause for a bit of trepidation, for both our sakes- and that's before you add baby unregenerate sinners to the fray!

Being single isn't the most fun thing in the world, but at the same time, when I think about the responsibility and challenge of marriage, being single isn't a bad place to be. It's at times like this that I'm glad that God's got everything worked out in advance.

While singleness and marriage pose very different challenges, the approach to either is the same, really. If it seems impossible to be the perfect single person or to be the perfect wife/ husband, that's because it is. Thank God we don't have to be! Christ's perfection covers our imperfection. Christ's perfect plan and timing cover our misdirection. Christ's wisdom covers our ignorance.

So in singleness and in marriage, we can learn the secret to contentment and joy. Praise to Jesus Christ who gives us the victory, and we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.