Thinking is Easy

What goes through your mind when I say "The Gospel”?  What do you think of?  I assume I write to a largely Christian audience.  Words like “crucifixion,” “justification,” “redemption,” and other “-tions” may come to mind when thinking about the Gospel.  But what do you feel?

We are often taught to be wary of our emotions.  As the pastor/ elder of my church once said, “YOUR FEELINGS ARE WRONG!”  Indeed, they can be, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel.  In fact, feeling is a large part of who we are.  They constitute part of the way we reflect the very image of God.

Most of us know the facts of the Gospel.  But how do we feel about it?  Gratitude? Joy?  Excitement?  Or has the Gospel become mundane?

There have been times when others have shared the Gospel with me and their eyes lit up.  Their talked faster.  They started using the arms more.  Some of them cried a bit.  It was in those times that my own faith was strengthened, encouraged, and emboldened.

How do you feel about the Gospel?  Does the way you convey those feelings encourage the believers around you?  And what about non-believers?