Grace. It exists.

The first thought I had this morning was an expletive.

By the time I had my second thought, my body moving faster than my mind, was sprinting halfway down the stairs.

Let me back up...

My first final was scheduled for 12/6/11 at 9:45 am.  I always get everything lined up the night before.  Computer, software for my computer (we use a special test-taking program), pencils, pens, erasers, white-out, highlighter, exam ID number, clothes, and yes, even breakfast.  I hard boiled three eggs and put them in the fridge last night.  And before I go to bed, I always set my alarm: multiple alarms on my phone and an extra non-phone alarm, just in case my phone dies or something.

So why was I so alarmed?  What was my second thought this morning?  It was a horrible mess of realizations that came to my brain all at once:
  • My phone wasn't on my bedstand
  • My phone is downstairs
It was 7:40 am.  Over two hours before my final.

Some more background information: I never wake up before my alarm.  EVER.


To summarize:
  • I have issues with school being an idol.
  • I have issues with control being an idol.
  • Control failed me.
  • God came through despite my need for control.
  • God came through and helped me with school despite my sin in idolizing school.
  • God came through, and my initial response was to shout expletives in my head.
God is really, really, really good, and I am very, very, very humbled.

Grace.  It exists.  And not just in a "spiritual blessings" kind of way, but in a "Lord, give us this day our daily bread" kind of way.  God feeds the birds, dresses the flowers, and doesn't give snakes to his hungry children.

May God bless you with his grace this day, the eyes to see it, and the peace to enjoy it.  So let this be.