Christmas Poetry

Merry Christmas, everyone!  May you be blessed by the peace of God, the love of family and friends, and the joy of salvation.

Here is some poetry I would like to share:


I.  Fall
Knowing good and evil,
We hid ourselves from God.
Opened eyes were darkened.
Flesh-hearts became like stone.
That which promised knowledge,
Bewilderment it bred.
Claiming to be wise,
We cursed ourselves instead.

II. Winter
With furrowed brow we fought
the thorny, thistled ground.
Meaningless, meaningless, all –
All is vanity.  All – profanity.  All – insanity.
Oh – humanity!
(Steeped in our depravity,
Our souls weighed down by gravity.)

III. Spring
Crippled creation cries,
coupled with the curse
Subjected to futility,
Waiting for fertility,
Groaning as in childbirth.

But on that silent night
In a little town,
the second Eve –
the servant of the Lord lay down.
As she cried out in pain
(the curse that she received)
the virgin’s labor brought forth Victory.

IV. Summer
In the land of darkness deep,
Sleepers spied the dawning Light –
the Glory of the One and Only,
full of grace and truth.  The Christ.

Scores of angels, shout!
To shepherds in the fields
And through the sands of time,
to us, Good News reveal.

Resounding trumpets, ring;
Continue with the set.
And until they ring again,
in the "Already
but Not Yet."



Make space for the uncontained God,
Unthinkable vastness gathered into infant capsule.
Light a torch in the night and draw near
to the Pillar of Fire sleeping in virgin arms.
Teach with alphabet blocks the Word
that confused the builders of Babel.
Make time for the One who sustains it,
Who interjected, uninvited, into human affairs,
bringing the deliverance we mistook for fruitcake.


The Mystery of Faith

They came from the East.
Pagans, not Kings.
Wizards and shamans –
Readers of tea leaves and stars.
Perhaps they carried ceremonial bones and runes
Clattering away in camel-drawn carts
Next to the gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
Astrologers and sorcerers –
Blatant violators of Moses’ law and
Condemned by God –
Unlikely worshipers
Drawn by the shining light
of Grace.