I can't believe I haven't posted all month!  This was due to a variety of factors.  Part of it was being completely sapped of time, energy, and creativity.  Part of it was going through life-stuff that I didn't feel comfortable blogging about in case word got back to the people involved: of course, I don't use the blog as a platform for sinning against another person, but at the same time, if they knew I was writing about them, it would make things rather uncomfortable.

I honestly cannot say what will be the future of the blog.  Even before the longest hiatus in TSN history, I was not blogging very often or keeping to my schedule of two comics per week.  (Everyone says they miss the comics.  No one says they miss my rambling XD).  I doubt that in the future I will be able to go back to a regular schedule.  This has been a fun project that lasted a number of years- longer than I had expected.  At the same time, I don't think I will close the doors for good, simply because I like hearing myself talk too much!

That is to say, expect some changes in the future, which I'm guessing you've already learned to expect given my infrequent and sporadic posting this school year.  At the same time, I always like to challenge myself creatively and spiritually during Advent and Lent, and the fruit of my labor will be posted here as it comes to mind.  So if you're a subscriber, great!  You'll get content as it's posted.  If you're not, please keep checking in at least through Christmas, and by then, I'll figure out what to do with TSN.

Thank you for your support!