5 things I want my kids to know about God

I read this blog post the other day and thought I would use the idea (the sincerest form of flattery). Also, today's "free Friday" is a bit shorter because I'm writing a paper and typing has gotten physically painful in my knuckles to the point that I think I might have early onset arthritis :/ Anywho...

Five things I want my kids to know about God

1. He's a Person, like with feelings and emotions and stuff. He feels things like anger, sadness, and joy. We like to think of God as entirely separate from us, and of course- he is, but at the same time, he reacts to things that we do. He feels, and I think that's really important.

2. The immensity of Him. We call this His glory. This is tied inexplicably with his holiness. The part of him that's not like us, the part that makes him Other. The part we can't explain except to say what he's not.

3. He's in control, even when things don't seem like He is. Even when things kind of suck sometimes. Which leads to...

4. He's good. When we can't see the good in our circumstances, the problem is with our sight and not with our circumstances. Yes, God's in control, and it's a good thing He's in control because He is good and the thing He controls will work out for good.

5. Only five? This is super tough, but I'd have to say that God pursues us. If God is good, then our best good is to be with Him. This doesn't happen a lot of the time, and it certainly doesn't happen from the beginning. While He is Other, He gave up that immensity to become like us. The person of God was made manifest in the person of Christ. There is a gap between us and God because He is so Other, and without Christ, we would have fallen in that gap. But because God feels, and one of those feelings is love, Christ bridged that gap for us. While this one-time act allows all of humanity that accepts it to bridge the gap, God's act of pursuit did not stop there. Instead, he pursues us daily.

What are five things you would want your kids to know about God?