Test Your Strength

Photographer: Justified Sinner of flickr under CC2.0, and this new work is hereby released under a similar CC3.0 license.  Use of this photo does not imply the photographer's endorsement.

Note on the text:  I think I made the first part up on my own, but it's so cheesy that it's entirely possible that I heard/ read it somewhere else.  My apologies to the original author if this is the case.

Note to my new (and old!) readers:  Thanks!  I'm glad to have you here.  If you have any comments on what I've done or suggestions (photos or ideas) for content you would like to see in the future, let me know!  I try to output at least two comics per week (Monday and Wednesday) with an "anything-goes" Friday, which usually means a more "traditional" blog post but it doesn't have to be.

 Well now that you know more about my blog, I would like to know about you!  How have you been relying on God's strength this past week?