They crowd around me, vying for my attention.
The little ones, with their little hands
clasping my ankles, my jeans, my wrists
They are little, but they are many.

I toss my purse to the ground by the door and manage to make
three steps
into the room
before their little bodies block me.

By now, there are two, one wrapped around each leg
Standing on my feet, their arms encircling my thighs
and gripping tightly.
Three more encumber my fingers, wrists, arms
And I don’t know how many more
with wide, glistening eyes
just staring
vying for my attention.

At this point, I find that I am quite immobilized
and can move on no further-
not to my bed in the other room, or 
even the couch two feet away.

These tiny cares
the nagging of my mind
the quiet doubts
the restrictions and the responsibilities.
From my mind, they sprung up, fully armed
and ready to wage battle.
They were little, but they are many.
Oh, how fast they grow up.

A man named Christian once told me about a cross at the top of the hill
where his burdens slid off of his back
But that hill is a long journey’s away
And I, stationary, barely standing, am in my living room