"Whatever is noble"- The power of truth

Homesickness, Pt. 2

I was/ am homesick because things aren't the way I feel like they should be. The shower is too small; it should be larger. The grocery store is too far away; it should be closer. The air conidtioning only works in one part of the apartment; it should actually work in the old apartment. It's all about how thing should be, or at least my perception of how things should be. I looked at the environment around me and compared it to home. Things were different, and that wasn't cool.

That's kind of how life on this rock is. (You should have seen me going here.) This world isn't our home. And we look around and we see tragedy and heartbreak and suffering, and gosh, we see the need for lawyers of all people. Things aren't the way they are supposed to be, and this time, it's not a matter of perception but rather a matter of fact. For Christians, this is as close to hell as we're going to get, but the great and glorious news is that this world isn't our home. We've got another home in heaven, where our Lord and Savior has promised to prepare a place for us. We look forward to going home, not to a specific place but to the Person who makes it home. The church is the bride that has been waiting for oh, so long to return to her husband. To go back to Eden. To experience something better than Eden because now God's glory is magnified through our redemption. The redemption of our poor, wretched, lost, wicked, and rebellious souls. (Woe is me, for I am a man of unclean lips. Can I express Thee unblamed? For God is light and ever in unapproached light dwelt then in Thee, bright effluence of bright essence increate.)

So while we live in this world, we have hope for the next. We live as strangers in a strange land, but we also work for the good of the communities around us. We seek peace with our neighbors, bless our enemies, and do the good works that God has set before us to do before the foundation of the world. We're homesick, but that homesickness actually gives us hope that faith will become sight, tears will become dry, and doctors and lawyers will be unnecessary. Instead, we will be bards, musicians, dancers, and architects. Marinatha, but in the meantime, we'll live as ambassadors in the Already but Not Yet.

Special thanks to my dear friends and siblings-in-Christ who reminded me of these things. You guys rock :)